Pressure gauge manufacturer. Orman: production of high quality pressure gauges - cod. MR50AC RADIAL

Orman srl has been operating in the market for more than 30 years in the production of pressure gauges. Dedicated machinery and equipment, plus great experience, all guarantee a range of quality manometers in each line (dry manometers, glycerine filled manometers, stainless steel manometers) and dimensions of pressure gauge 's. The quality of our manometers, the dynamism of our company, a system certification UNI EN ISO 9001, all contribute to total customer satisfaction. Orman s.r.l. quality manometers and pressure gauges

Manometers -

Standard MR50AC RADIAL


  • Model: MR50AC RADIAL
  • Diameter: Ø 50
  • Connection: G1/4 cylindrical. – G1/4 conical – 1/4 NPT – G1/8 cylindrical – G1/8 conical – 1/8 NPT – M10X1
  • Scale: -1/0 a 0-400 bar
  • Accuracy: 1.6% FS
  • Working Temperature: Max. -10+120°C
  • Protection: IP31
  • Standard: EN837-1
  • Elastic Element: Bourdon tube in copper alloy
  • Welding: solder alloy/silver
  • Movement: brass for precision clockwork
  • Case: chromed iron
  • Dial: white/black/beige aluminium (personalized version with company brand)
  • Pointer: Hostaform white, black, red, yellow, blue
  • Window: kostil
  • Ring: chromed iron




  • Muffled movement
  • Galvanized case with transparent plug