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Orman srl has been operating in the market for more than 30 years in the production of pressure gauges.Dedicated machinery and equipment, plus great experience, all guarantee a range of quality manometers in each line (dry manometers, glycerine filled manometers, stainless steel manometers) and dimensions of pressure gauge 's.The quality of our manometers, the dynamism of our company, a system certification UNI EN ISO 9001, all contribute to total customer satisfaction.Orman s.r.l. quality manometers and pressure gauges

Manometers -

Double scale MDS63 Ø 63

  • Model: MDS63
  • Diameter: Ø 63
  • Connection: G1/8 cil. – G1/8 cil. conical pipe
  • Scale: 2.5/16 bar 4-25 bar
  • Accuracy: 1.6% FS
  • Working Temperature: Max. -10+120°C
  • Protection: IP31
  • Standard: EN837-1
  • Elastic Element: Bourdon tube in copper alloy
  • Welding: solder alloy/silver
  • Movement: brass for precision clockwork
  • Case: Hostaform
  • Dial: white/black/beige aluminium (personalized version with company brand)
  • Pointer: Hostaform white, black, yellow, red, green
  • Window: glass
  • Ring: Steel
  • Muffled movement
  • Fixing pins, clamp bracket, fixing nuts
Model MDS63CI
Model MDS63CI gold-plating treatment
Model MDS63RA
Model MDS63SM
Model MDS63FA
Model MDS63TR
Model MDS63TT

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