Pressure gauges accessories. Orman: quality pressure gauges for boiler pump and coffee machines - COPPER PIPE CU-DHP 0.9x2 mm riv. PVC

Orman s.r.l. manufactures accessories dedicated to pressure gauges for the best performance and life of its products. Our catalogue offers PVC-coated or non-coated copper tubes, manometer-holder cocks with a slow release valve for pressure readout and protection hoods for pressure gauges.

Accessories - COPPER PIPE CU-DHP 0.9x2 mm riv. PVC


  • Model: HEATED COPPER PIPE CU-DHP con PVC-coated
  • Length: from 100mm up to 1700mm
  • Connection
    • G1/8 female rotating
    • G1/4 female rotating
    • G1/8 male rotating
    • G1/8 fixed conical male
  • Welding
    • copper alloy/phosphorus FH-55
    • solder alloy/silver alloy
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